Small beginnings… 

My fascination with being a business woman started as young as eight years old. 


My name is Rose Gagliardi and below is my story.

 You Can TOO!

It still amazes me that the Vision of an eight year old has become a reality. Even then I knew I would be serving people in a way that helped them deal with some of life’s most difficult challenges and rewarding circumstances. As an owner of a small business, or being self-employed, I think you probably best understand the thrill of bringing a business idea to life that is, getting to the point of being open and staying open.

I think what I have learned about starting and operating a small business is the need for two things: Passion and Perseverance. Without passion for the people the Vision is intended to serve, there will be no perseverance to make it come to reality. (When it came to perseverance, I think my mom displayed that quality best …but back then we called it patience. I’m thankful she was patient with me as it taught me that it is learned best while sharing life with others.)

The little girl goes to college…
On graduating from Pace University with a degree in Business and Finance, I went immediately into the Health and Life Insurance industry. Right from the start, I worked diligently to build clientele through principle. I innately knew the only way the Vision to help small business owners and the self-employed get through the insurance maze was to educate them on a consistent basis while providing exceptional customer service.

There it is, my foundational principles.

E2 = Education + Exceptional Customer Service.

(For me this isn’t a formula from a book or seminar, but more of my two basic operating principles that I try to example in life and teach my staff. My desire has always been that they catch the vision and live it for the benefit of those we serve - you. )

Practice makes better…
After several years of developing a foundation of knowledge in key areas, I went on finally to launch Insurance PLUS. What an exciting time that was with all the unknowns. (I felt like a Pioneer blazing a trail out west.) I think that my constant emphasis on customer service and collaboration with clients for feedback is what resulted in a firm that keeps expanding every year due to word of mouth rather than advertising. (In fact, in regard to advertising, I do little of it per say.) Now thankfully, we are serving a community of thousands of clients many of which have become friends.

Embracing Change…
One of my pet projects has always been staying informed on current issues that affect you. (I think this was instilled in me by my father.) As a member of NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters), NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) and PIA (Professional Insurance Agents), and ongoing exploration of other resources, I stay informed on laws, trends, current topics and new programs that most impact you.
Like a bucket meant to carry water to others, I see client education as a way of pouring new knowledge into the garden of your Medicare, Long-term Care and other needs. An example of how this ongoing research directly helps you is I offer free seminars throughout the year to help you stay informed of what I am learning.

(Yes, Free means no obligations or sales pitches.They are not sales seminars, but helpful informational talks on topics most important to you.)

“I want to catch your dream, help you achieve it.
Dream. Share. Live.
I’m glad that life for me has not been lived alone in a vacuum. As in business we need a caring community that surrounds and supports us. For me that community by and large has been my husband, our children, our parents and our seemingly ever expanding sphere of friends in business.

They are all very dear to me. Without them, the Wow experiences of life would have been shouted to thin air rather than a fellow traveler. Along the way, we have laughed, cried and tried to move forward together meeting life’s challenges head on with grace.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing some of my story with you.

I’d like to hear some of yours…

Stop by, Call or Email me to start that conversation.

Rose Gagliardi
President, InsurancePLUS™

"Relationships can last a lifetime..."

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